Dairy Calf Hutch Pinkeye Prevention Protocol

Pinkeye (infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis) can have a devastating effect on herd health - and your operation's bottom line. Pinkeye prevention starts with treating the dairy calf hutch and the calf itself. Below is a recommended protocol for preventing pinkeye before it starts.

Step 1: Premise Fly Control

  • Prior to arrival clean and disinfect the empty hutch.
  • Mix GRENADE® ER Insecticide at a rate of 6 mL/ gallon of water (see label for complete directions)
  • Apply mixture evenly to all surfaces of the hutch; allow to dry before calves enter
  • See label for additional dosing
Step 2: Pour-on fly control
  • Apply 3 mL per hundredweight of ULTRA BOSS® POUR-ON from the top-knot down the front of the face and the midline of the back
  • Only re-apply if fly levels rise visibly
Step 3: Pinkeye Vaccination (3 to 6 weeks prior to pinkeye season)
  • Remove PILIGUARD® PINKEYE TRIVIEW® vaccine from refrigerated storage
  • Shake well and inject 2mL of PILIGUARD® PINKEYE TRIVIEW® subcutaneously in the neck
  • Protective antibodies are secreted in the tears and bathe the eye
  • Cross reacts to 103 different strains of Moraxella bovis bacteria
Step 4: Fly Breeding Prevention
  • Manure, moist hay, spilled feed and any other plant matter should be removed weekly
  • Check frequently for a buildup of these materials

Always read and follow label directions.

Pinkeye Prevention for Dairy Calf Hutches

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