Beef Cattle Pinkeye Prevention Protocol

Beef cattle pink eye losses can exceed $100 per incidence, which is why prevention is the best course of action. Below is the recommended protocol for treating pinkeye in beef cattle.

Step 1: Pinkeye Vaccination
Administer a broad spectrum vaccine to protect against the bacteria that causes pinkeye. The PILIGUARD® PINKEYE TRIVIEW® vaccine stimulates protective antibodies in the tears of the eye that cross react with 103 different strains of M. Bovis bacteria and reduce the incidence of pinkeye disease. A single 2mL subcutaneous injection along the neck is all that is required.

Step 2: Tag and Pour
Use fly control products to kill and control face flies, horn flies and nuisance flies and prevent face flies from spreading pinkeye throughout the herd. Fly control is also crucial in preventing further economic loss caused by horn fly aggravation.

Place one DOUBLE BARREL® VP tag in each ear of every animal in the herd for up to 5 months of control. Apply ULTRA BOSS® POUR-ON at the rate of 3 mL per 100 pounds of body weight along the back and down the face.

Step 3: Monitor and Pour
Utilize pasture management to limit the eye trauma that can lead to pinkeye infections. Be sure to check fly levels to ensure they stay under 100 flies per side of the animal. In wet weather or if fly levels visibly rise, re-treat with ULTRA BOSS® POUR-ON or use a back rubber - mix 100 mL ULTRA BOSS® POUR-ON/Gallon of #2 Diesel or Mineral Oil (use face flips). Remember to keep back rubbers charged.

Always read and follow label directions.

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