Learn how to stop the spread of cattle pinkeye

Take a stand against Cattle Pinkeye

Three-pronged approach is the key to Pinkeye prevention

Before Cattle Pinkeye shows up in your herd, take preventive steps to control this contagious, costly disease.

Taking a stand against pinkeye requires a three-pronged approach that includes vaccination, fly control and environmental management. Like a three-legged stool, leaving out any of these key elements can bring down your entire control program, and the results can be costly. Pinkeye losses can exceed $100 per incidence in beef cattle. And for seed stock or dairy replacement heifers the discounts for animals with lesions or damaged eyes can far exceed production losses by hundreds of dollars.

Effective cattle pinkeye control requires customization to your production system because weather and livestock operations vary across the United States.

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Pinkeye, a dairy cattle disease, can be prevented. Learn about beef cattle pinkeye prevention.
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